At HOBY DC, local high school sophomores build their leadership potential through an inspiring three-day Leadership Seminar based on three leadership perspectives: Personal, Group, and Societal. During the seminar, ambassadors:
  • Experience life on a university campus, where the HOBY DC Leadership Seminar is hosted.
  • Interact with local community leaders—from CEOs to business owners to doctors to media experts—through panels, presentations, and group discussions about real-world issues.
  • Participate in hands-on activities to explore and exercise leadership on personal and group levels.
  • Form diverse relationships with adult professionals, college-age mentors, and high school students from across the District with diverse leadership styles and backgrounds.
  • Conduct a community service project to put leadership-for-service skills into action.
  • Open opportunities for internships, mentorship programs, and other HOBY Ambassadors Connect benefits.
After each seminar, HOBY alumni are challenged to complete 100 hours of community service within the next year as a way to put their passion and newly built leadership skills into action.


For questions about attending HOBY DC or to donate, please email seminarchair@hobydc.org.

Email: seminarchair@hobydc.org
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"Participating in HOBY DC opened my eyes to who I am and who I can become as a leader in many different settings in my life. I got to meet so many new people from around DC that share the same drive, passion, and values that are important to me. I also learned about what being a leader truly means: not telling people what to do and barking orders, but knowing when to organize, knowing when to support others, and knowing when to step back and let other people be in control."

— Student from Woodrow Wilson High School ‘20 – HOBY DC ‘18


I have met my closest and most inspiring friends through this organization, and they have become more than friends, but they are my family. I can’t give enough thanks to HOBY for how powerfully and positively it impacted my life. I cannot wait to inspire more ambassadors to dream big!

— Miss District of Columbia Teen USA, HOBY DC ‘14


HOBY DC was an outstanding experience for me. In many ways HOBY opened my eyes to different perspectives from day one. I have personally grown with the HOBY program by exploring ways I can give back to my community and also understand what it means to be a leader.

— Student from Sligo Creek Cooperative ‘19. HOBY DC ‘17 & WLC ‘17